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In conjunction with delivery of an offshore system, we have completed a factory acceptance test, something we do before any delivery.



We have carried out an installation and completed training of personnel in connection with this delivery. We always recommend that our customers undergo qualified training of our products. This contributes to easy use and less wear on the boom. The boom ensures optimal preparedness for our customer.


Dux norlense

Yesterday we had the pleasure of welcoming Terje Søviknes, Norway's Minister of Petrolium and Energy to Norlense. Terje Søviknes was impressed of our world-leading products after a demonstration of our oil trawl.

Terje2 22

Yesterday we installed an offshore oil boom. The product helps to increase the prearedness of our customer. The picture shows crew training, automatic and singel point inflation and minimal use of personnel.

We have demo tents in different sizes for sale. Please contact us at for more information. 

Why choose NorLense - benefits ..

  • Minimal use of personnel
  • Extremely compact
    (minimum of deck space required)
  • Our systems have low life cycle costs
  • we are a complete solution provider
  • We offer emergency site managers
  • We train your personnel

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