Anchoring package

NorLense anchoring package are designed for holding booms in required position. Anchoring package are dimensioned to types and sizes of boom delivered.

Consisting of:

  • 20 kilograms finger grip anchor
  • 5 meter of 3/8” galvanized chain with shackles
  • 50 meter of 18mm Superline© rope with 316 stainless steel “G-hook” for boom connection.
  • 2 pc buoy type A1 40” Polyform© (one as shock absorber, one as adjustment line for anchor head )
  • 20 meter of 16mm Superline© for adjusting anchor position after deployment (connected to anchor head)


All designed and adjusted as a package

Alternative anchor:

Why choose NorLense - benefits ..

  • Minimal use of personnel
  • Extremely compact
    (minimum of deck space required)
  • Our systems have low life cycle costs
  • we are a complete solution provider
  • We offer emergency site managers
  • We train your personnel

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