Norlense have over 40 years’ experience with the highest quality standards from the maritime & oil industry. With this experience we have fused our knowledge in high quality production and developed new, smart, functional and innovating products tailored to meet the Aquaculture requirements and standard.

Together with existing customers, retail and R&D (Research and Development) from the Aquaculture/ Maritime industry, is Norlense developing and testing new innovative and exiting products.

We are in a constant search to find the best optimal and smart functional solution to help our clients challenges and needs. We strive to make the highest of quality to competitive prices and to deliver on time. All our products come with product guarantee.

Our production facility is located in the rough weather climate of Lofoten above the arctic circle, and gives us the best of opportunity to test trail our products in variable climate environment. From Calm sea to the most extreme

Contingency Container

Lice Skirt

Freshwater Pool / Basin.

Portable Freshwater Bags / Towing Bags

Feeding Pipe / Hose Holders

Research & Development

Oil Spill Recovery

NorLense is one of the world’s leading companies for development and manufacture of Oil Spill Emergency Equipment.

shelter solutions

NorLense has developed inflatable tent based on our unique High- pressure Inflation Technology. This technology allows a quick and easy set up in any climates.


Norlense has 40 years of experience in marine sector/oil industry with strict quality regurements. This expirience is usefull in Aquaculture sector.

tailor made

At NorLense we realize that the specific and diverse needs of our customer’s calls for customized systems.