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Feeding pipe / hose holders

NorLense has, in collaboration with GIFAS (Gildeskål Research Station), developed a feeding pipe/ hose holder to collect the hoses that go from the feeding stations to the cages.

This product is uniqe and some of the advantages of our hose holders are that they are quick to mount and disassemble, they are lightweight, inflatable and take up little storage space. No more heavy complicated handling and logistics. Roll it up, bring it onboard and fill it up with pressured air and mount. 

Another advantage is that holders are mounted on top of the hoses. This avoids the hose to bend from an underlying structure, thereby reducing wear on the hoses as the friction of the pellets are transported in straight lines of the pipes/ hoses.

Tess is our agent for this product. Contact us or Tess for further information about this product.

Pipe and hose holder - a product of the Norlense line
Mounted feeding pipe / hose holders from Norlense