Freshwater pool / basin

Sea lice is a biological challenge – Freshwater treatment of sea lice.

Sea lice is a growing challenge to the aquaculture industry. It affects the welfare of the fish’s health. It’s no doubt that sea lice cause unhealthy fish, and cost the industry and environment enormous amount of waste food and loss in margins.

Freshwater is considered to be one of the best actions a company can take to treat against sea lice. With an increasing demand for freshwater, is it important with smart simple, effective and quality products of high quality to competitive prices.

Use of a wellboat to transport freshwater is resource-intensive and has little economical profits compared to having freshwater available nearby the treatment location.

By investing in fresh water pool / basin will allow the service boat to efficiently transport water and become an efficient resource and time saver treating the fish on location.

NorLense as a Quality provider:

NorLense makes freshwater pools / basins in any shape or size to the specifications the customers’ requirements.

Our knowledge and experience have shaped us since 1975 to become one of the world leaders in development and production of flexible products intended for harsh and long lifespan at sea. This experience contributes to our products being developed according to the strictest requirements specifications in terms of raw materials, durability and production technology.

We use only the optimal quality raw materials from reputable suppliers. Our selection of materials is with cost effective strategy to produce the best solution for competitive prices. NorLense strive to ensure that our products are not overengineered, but is made to meet the needs and required specification of its intended use.

NorLense Freshwater pools / basins can resists the most hard loads and is produced in high quality materials with lifting straps that distribute the load around the entire freshwater pool. There is also mounted a handling center hook in the middle which simplifies handling of the freshwater pool at the outlet and inlet.

NorLense is quality certified by DNV

NorLense is a quality and competitive partner, approved by DNV-GL. The company is ISO certified within Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and undergoes annual audits in this area.

Certifications require that the company has strict quality routines in an organization that is complied with at all times. Such quality routines help ensure that the products have consistently high quality. The company has a history dating back to 1975 and has produced flexible products that maintain function and lifespan in the marine environment.

Freshwater pool / basin illustration
Freshwater pool / basin illustration