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Lice skirt

Sea lice are a biological challenge – Lice skirts as a physical barrier.

Sea lice are a biological challenge in the aquaculture sector which inflicts losses of enormous value in food waste and revenue.

Sea lice affects fish welfare negatively. A reduction in lice results in less treatment of infected fish, and better conditions for the fish welfare.

The salmon lice thrive in the upper part of the water. Lice skirts are therefore a good preventive investment as a physical barrier to keep the lice away from the salmon. A small investment to contribute to lower mortality and better short term and long term finances.

NorLense as a Quality provider:

NorLense manufactures lice skirts at your desired depth and length.

Our knowledge and experience have shaped us since 1975 to become one of the world leaders in development and production of flexible products intended for harsh conditions and long lifespan at sea. This experience contributes to our products being developed according to the strictest requirements in terms of raw materials, durability and production technology.

We use only the optimal quality raw materials from reputable suppliers. Our selection of materials are made with respect to cost effectiveness, to produce the best solution with competitive prices. NorLense strive to ensure that our products are not overengineered, but to meet the needs and required specification of its intended use. Not more nor less.

NorLense Lice skirts are manufactured with a high-quality top section that resists the most extreme conditions. Our top section is developed and manufactured based on the knowledge we have from the Oil industry. We provide a 24 month guarantee on the top section with an option to sew on a new skirt if needed. Our skirt is of the strongest airbag quality with very high wear and tear resistance. 

All our lice skirts are packed in “sausage rolls” for a quick and easy handling and assembly.

Arctic Predator Partition:

Norlense also provide our own special Arctic Predator partition delivered with solutions that prevents the cage edge from icing.

The cage edge also functions as a blockage to predators such as otters, by denying access to the fish cage. The partition also prevents and reduces the flow of lice larva from the waves breaking over the fish cage.

NorLense is quality certified by DNV

NorLense is a quality and competitive partner, approved by DNV-GL. The company is ISO certified within Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and undergoes annual audits in this area.

Certifications require that the company has strict quality routines that is complied at all times. Such quality routines help ensure that the products have consistently high quality. The company has a history dating back to 1975 and has produced flexible products that maintain function and long lifespan in the marine environment.

Illustrasjonsbilde av et luseskjørt fra Norlense
Lice skirt from Norlense