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Portable Freshwater bags / Towing bags

Sea lice are a biological challenge – Freshwater treatment of sea lice.

Investing in towable freshwater bags and fresh water pools optimizes time efficiency and adds value to service boats. 

NorLense as a Quality provider:

NorLense has developed towable freshwater bags which can be delivered in any shape or size. The towable freshwater bags range from 1000m3 and upwards to 5000m3 +. Our bags have been tested in towing speeds up to 5 knots and withstands the roughest conditions at sea. 

Our knowledge and experience have shaped us since 1975 to become one of the world leaders in development and production of flexible products intended for harsh conditions and long lifespan at sea.

Freshwater towing bag (Illustration)
Freshwater towing bag (Illustration)