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High speed sweep system (Oil Trawl)

New OilTrawl from NorLense

The Fast Current Boom System from NorLense is a containerized one-man-operated system with single point inflation of the boom part. The deployment and the retrieval of the system are operated by only one man. There is no need for deck space as the system is deployed directly from the container/reel into the sea. The system is fitted with connectors for easy and safe disconnection and connection of collection/storage bag at sea. The collection/storage bag has also the function of separating the water from the oil. This means that you will not need an oil skimmer in addition to the NorLense Fast Current Boom System. When collection bag is full it may be disconnected and valve is locked for towing bag to shore. New collection bag is then connected and recovery operations continue. The collection bag may also be connected(by use of valve at top) to transfer pump system and pumped to tank capacity vessel.

  • Containerized System
  • Single point inflated
  • One person operated
Deployed/retrieved directly from container/reel into the sea

  • No need for deck space during deployment and retrieval
  • Prepared for single boat operation when used with paravan
  • Water separator in collection bag
  • No need for additional skimmer as water separates in collection bag

Model Freeboard Skirt Weight
NO-T-600-S 600 mm 150-300 mm 8,5 kg/m
NO-T-1000_S 1000 mm 500 mm 22 kg/m

Model Length Volume Weight
Oil bag 10 10 m 10 m³ 100 kg
Oil bag 20 17 m 20 m³ 120 kg
Oil bag 30 23 30 m³ 175 kg

NO-T-600-S best Fast Current System ever

The new Fast Current Boom system from NorLense. Testing and verification at Ohmsett facilities in US New Jersey in June 2013. Recovery rate up to 92%.

Boom Deployment

A piece of visualization for Norlense AS to show how Boom Deployment is done right.

Oljetrål Viz

A visualization done for our client Norlense AS

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