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NorLense was established in 1975 and has since that had a leading player in the development of oil recovery equipment. The equipment has been used in a number of oil spills and natural disasters worldwide. Increased ship traffic in combination with increased oil activity in northern areas such as the Barents Sea contributes to greater risk of accidents with subsequent emissions. This area is very vulnerable and has low temperatures. Cold climates also provide a greater strain on personnel who handle the equipment and putting a greater strain on equipment because of the Arctic conditions.

As an innovative supplier, during the years 2013-2014 NorLense carried out a project aimed at mapping out future oil protection equipment requirements for equipment designed for Arctic conditions. Through a good cooperation with key actors such as the Coastal Administration, NOFO, ENI Norge, Sintef and oil and gas terminals in Arctic areas, the challenges related to the use of oil recovery equipment in arctic climates were mapped. Based on this cooperation and results we have developed new oil protection equipment tailored to meet Arctic conditions.

  • Arctic Oil Boom is a further developed version of our oil booms, with the following arctic characteristics;
  • Arctic Oil Boom is very HSE friendly with minimal need for manual handling.
  • The Equipment is supplied with cover for coverage during storage and transport which helps to ensure that the equipment is protected from extreme temperatures and sea spray. This ensures that the equipment is operational when it is to be used.
  • Arctic Oil Boom is designed to withstand extreme loads. Arctic Oil Boom is built of high quality raw materials that can withstand extremely low temperatures and hard loads. This is verified through long-term tests of the fabric.
  • The Equipment is designed to avoid the use of valves and thereby avoid condensation and risk of freezing
  • Arctic Oil Boom has properties that prevent icing and icebuilding. Conventional oil booms will, in heavy icing conditions, have reduced efficiency. Arctic Oil Boom has properties that prevent condensation in the air system and on the surface.
  • Arctic Oil Boom is a proven and adaptable construction that can accommodate more functions during an oil conservation action in Arctic regions. 

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