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Oil spill recovery accessories

Air Compressor

Purpose: Inflation and back-up air for NorLense booms.

NorLense/DYNASET hydraulic compressors are compact and integrated all-in-one units, especially designed for mobile installation. The only power source is a hydraulic system to provide compressor with required hydraulic fluid flow at demanded pressure. Air compressors are installed in frame with lifting lugs and pockets for forklift

NorLense/DYNASET hydraulic compressor transforms hydraulic power into a high quality compressed air.  

Utilizing compact rotary vane technique, DYNASET hydraulic compressor of HKL-series is mobile unit comprised of a hydraulic motor with incorporated automatic rotation speed control valve (upto HKL 1800) and rotary vane compressor block. Compressor block includes stator-rotor unit, cooling and lubrication systems, oil separator as well as unloading pressure regulator, attached to the air intake. Hydraulic motor.s and compressors shafts are coupled when rotor runs inside of stator eccentrically.  

Compressor type: Dynaset HKL 4100/8-113
Type: Lamella compressor
Dimensions: Length: 870mm, With: 495mm, Height: 770mm
Weight: 185kg
Capasity: 4100 m3/min
Work pressure: 6-8 bars
Hydraulic flow requirements: 113 l/min
Hydraulic pressure requirements: 210 bars

Other types available.


NorLense delivers a wide range of hydraulic power units tailor made for customer requirements.
NorLense Power packs serves as a multipurpose unit designed for the flexible operation of a wide range of hydraulic operated oil spill clean-up equipment.
NorLense can deliver from 35kW and up to 110 kW.


Diesel HPU 35 kw, 180 bar/100 lpm
Complete with panel doors and paint

Diesel engine, Hatz 3M41L BO1, 3-cyl. Air cooled
35 kww/2300 rpm. Max 38 kw
35 Liter diesel tank
Complete with starter and panel

Variable pump/LS 45ccm
PVG 32, 3 Section, on/off 12V with compensator
Filter, return and pressure
Cooler with by-pass
Hydraulic tank 150L with Level and Temp control
1 piece Tema outlet valve

Doppler Log System 4900

Purpose: Provides the oil boom speed through water.

The system is designed for all oil booms to be operated at the optimal speed.
This ensurescorrect build-up of oil in the boom, and efficient and secure collection of oil.


  • Acoustic Doppler measurement for speed through water
  • Software to display and store data
  • Wireless data communication
  • Rugged construction
  • Easily installed
  • Battery powered for 7 days continuous operation
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