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Shelter Solutions


NorLense Shelter Solutions - High Pressure Inflation Tech™

For over 15 years NorLense have producing inflatable tents based on our unique High Pressure Technology.
The NorLense High Pressure Inflatable Tents have accommodated military, humanitarian and emergency organizations worldwide, achieved acknowledge for the high quality and easiness to use, reliable in all type of climates and weather conditions.

Strength, Durability, Rapid and Easy Deployment

Among the key advantages of NorLense High Pressure Inflatable Tents are strength and durability, rapid deployment,
and minimal manpower requirements. Minimum maintenance, small logistics chain and parts contributes to a low lifecycle cost.

Produced at state-of-the-art NorLense manufacturing facilities in Norway and are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

NorLense SWIFT Tent System

The NorLense SWIFT Tents is rapid and modular system specially designed to meet the though demands of high mobility and comfort in all type of climates.
Developed in close cooperation with the Norwegian Army and is in daily use by them in numerous of operations worldwide.
The SWIFT Tents are a complete One-Piece solution with no loose parts, integrated floor and complete High Pressure Air Beam Structure.
The unique structure contributes to rapid and easy deployment/take down for the users in the field and minimize the risk of operations errors with missing or broken parts.
All SWIFT Tents is delivered as a standard with integrated floor, 3-layer windows, tactical set-up for lighting and cable distribution, connections for HVAC Systems, Anchoring & Field Repair Set, Transport Cover.
Sizes from 7.5 – 60 m²

Extreme versatility

The SWIFT Tents are made of waterproof, fire & UV resistance material and can handles temperatures from -45°C to +70°C. The High-Pressure structure is not affected by temperature changes and can handle heavy wind and snow load. Tested and proven by clients in hash conditions with wind speeds up to 145km/h.

High Modularity & Flexibility

The SWIFT Tent Units can be interconnected in a various of configurations to create a complete infrastructure. Allows for connections in all directions of the tent (end & long side), container & vehicle connections.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Deployment & Easy operation
  • Minimum number of mancraft
  • Deployment on any surface
  • One-piece solution (no loose parts)
  • 100% Mobile
  • Modular & Multifunctional
  • No need for constant air supply
  • Low weight & transport volume
  • For all weather climates and hash conditions
  • Not affected by temperature changes
  • Minimum maintenance and service
  • Low life cycle cost and long service time in use

Datasheet - Norlense

Datasheet Norlense swift tent system, rapid and easy setup in the field   Download PDF File Here

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