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Verdensledende: NorLense er verdensledende på offshore oljevernutstyr. Foto: Aurora Borealis

Large opportunity for NorLense at Fiskebøl

NorLense has secured a contract for the delivery of oil trawlers to Canada. The contract value is approximately NOK 14 million, and is to be delivered in spring 2023.

NorLense was chosen as supplier after a long process, in which the Canadian customers visited two Norwegian and one Finnish supplier in the last round, and tested their respective oil spill protection equipment at sea.

NorLense Oil Trawl is an innovative solution for collecting oil spills at sea, the oil trawl makes collection faster, easier and more efficient.

High speed, The oil trawl is a high-speed system that handles speeds up to 5 knots, while ordinary conventional oil trawls only handle speeds up to approx. 1 knot.

HSE friendly, The oil trawler with all associated equipment is stored in a container, and can be set out directly from the container to sea. The oil trawl has automatic air filling, which means that only one person is needed to set the trawl out. The solution has been developed to have as safe a working environment as possible for operators. No people need to be on deck between the container and the sea during the operation.

3 in 1 solution, The oil strainer is a 3 in 1 solution, where it collects oil, separates the oil from water and stores the oil in a closed bag. The collection bag has an indicator that shows when it is full, and then the oil can be pumped back to the ship using a built-in pump mounted on the bag.

Tested in Ohmsett USA, The oil trawl is tested and certified in Ohmsett New Jersey USA, which is a leader in testing oil protection equipment. The test of the oil trawl was very successful with collection rates of up to 92%.

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Portrett av Aril Jørgensen

Aril Jørgensen- Senior Sales Manager
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Portrett av Veslemøy

Veslemøy E. Ellinggard- Administrerende direktør
Mobil: +47 90 75 00 45 / veslemoy@NorLense.com

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