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NorLense at AidEx Geneva

NorLense at AidEx Geneva 25-26 of October - High Pressure Inflatable Tents - GreenDOG Hybrid Power - Surgical Field Hospitals

Our Rapid Deployable High-Pressure Inflatable Tents will of course be in focus.

Given all the terrible crises and wars, Rapid Deployable Field Hospital Solutions and Accommodations are requested in many regions now.

Together with our partners we have introduced a Rapid Deployable Tent Solution for a Surgical Field Hospital.

The Field hospital can be installed and in operation within one hour and is equipped with a medical package; Trauma/Surgical Lights, Medical Examination Lights, Field Surgical Tables and Stretchers.

NorLense have just introduced a Hybrid Power Solution, GreenDOG (Green Deployment Off Grid); a hybrid power system using Flexible Solar Panels, Methanol Fuel Cells and a Battery Package with a Control System, carbon free and without noise.

You are very welcome to visit us and discuss your shelter requirements.

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