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NorLense tents sent to Syria

The Norwegian Red Cross has sent a large package of emergency aid to the earthquake victims in Syria, including 27 large, insulated tents, lights, diesel-powered heaters and compressors from NorLense

Read the press release from Røde Kors here.

NorLense’s package was prepared with less than a week’s notice.

The tents will be used by the Syrian Red Crescent (SARC) to provide shelter, access to water and warmth in the cold.

Over many years, NorLense has had a good collaboration with, and has supplied inflatable tents to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, tents used for shelters and field hospitals in Norway, Poland, Ukraine, Iran, Qatar, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Nepal, among others.

The tents are assembled extremely rapidly as they have a frame of inflatable high-pressure hoses, which can be inflated by a compressor within 5-15 minutes, says Sales Manager Shelter Solutions Rune Fivelstad.

Norlense makes high pressure inflatable tents and fully equipped camps for Defence and Humanitarian Organisations, for use in catastrophes, conflict areas, refugee camps and other emergencies. The company’s production facility is located at Fiskebøl, Lofoten in Northern Norway.

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Rune Fivelstad

Sales Manager
Phone: +47 91 14 41 89
Mail: rune@norlense.com

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