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NorLense wants apprentices

NorLense searches for apprentices within logistics and storage, textiles, and automation. As an apprentice in NorLense you get good guiding, responsibility during training, and you will become involved in most of what goes on in the company.

– There are very good opportunities for a permanent job with us after the end of the apprenticeship.

CEO of NorLense, Veslemøy Ellinggard, promises an apprenticeship with close follow-up and a great chance for a permanent job after the certificate of completed apprenticeship is achieved.

– At NorLense, there will also be good opportunities for development both before and after obtaining the certificate, she adds.

Portait of veslemøy ellinggard

Training with responsibility

Min Za Thum Thang was an apprentice at NorLense for two years before he took the certificate in logistics in autumn 2022. After an apprenticeship with a steep learning curve, he ended up with a vocational certificate with the highest possible score, and got a permanent job at NorLense.

Min Za

– I learned something new every day. I received close follow-up, but at the same time I experienced that I quickly gained trust and responsibility in the work I did, he says.

– I noticed that there was a huge difference between being at school and being in a real working situation. At school everything was arranged, but here I had to show responsibility for my tasks and be proactive, he adds.

A varied workday in a dynamic company

– I wanted a job where I could be active and was pleasantly surprised by how varied the logistics profession could be, says Min Za.

The workday within logistics is active and by no means sedentary at NorLense.

Min Za driving a truck

– We are a relatively small organisation. This means that you work closely with the processes and that you are involved in most of what takes place in the company, says Ellinggard.

For apprentices and employees, this means that in NorLense you get to participate in a larger part of the value chain, and that you get closer to decision-making processes than in a larger company.

Min Za driving a truck

– We believe that this provides a very valuable experience, both that you must stand on your own two feet and solve your own tasks, but also that you get to work closely with others, says Ellinggard.

A unique working environment

NorLense is a stable workplace with good opportunities for development. You get an apprenticeship with good guiding, in a dynamic environment.

– I was a bit shy when I came here. But I was welcomed very well. It was a very exciting working environment to enter into, says Min Za.

big rolls of tent fabric
Min Za is unpacking rolls of canvas that will be re-sewn into tents

At NorLense, products that are leading in international markets, are made. Many of the products are linked to preparedness both on land and at sea.

– We are very proud of what we do, and this is reflected in our culture. We are a company that is characterized by internationality and a strong will to develop, says Ellinggard.

The tents NorLense produces are used as shelter in areas in crisis all over the world.

Apprentices are important to NorLense

Having apprentices helps focus on learning and development in the company.

– It is great to get young people who are willing to learn into the organisation. It also means a lot for the working environment. It helps to create a better age distribution and, not least, it contributes to development in the company, says Ellinggard.

In order to recruit apprentices, NorLense maintains a dialogue with the training offices in Lofoten and Vesterålen, participates at education-oriented events and accepts student visits from schools.

– It is meaningful to be able to contribute to good apprenticeships, and not least it is a good recruitment opportunity, concludes Ellinggard.

Wants apprentices in three different subjects

NorLense has previously only had apprentices within logistics. But in the future, it is also relevant to have apprentices within textiles (welding and sewing), as well as automation. We therefore encourage you to apply within all three subjects.

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