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NorLense’s tent at CBRN “Demo days” in Sweden

Our High Pressure Inflatable Tent was showcased as a decontamination unit at the CBRN "Demo days".

NorLense’s customer Less joined “Demo days” in Karlsborg Sweden with the NorLense Swift 5x6m rapid deployable High Pressure Inflatable Tent.

Main focus for the event was CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons) and decontamination with professional workshop and display of new material.

The NorLense tent housed a decontamination unit with related equipment.

Various branches of the Swedish Armed Forces (FMV), regional health organisations, MSB and the Fire & Rescue Services visited the event.

The CBRN “Demo days” was organized by AdCuris and several of their suppliers.

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