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Beach Cleaning

A beach- and onshore cleaning operation requires a lot of different equipment. NorLense has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing equipment for this purpose.

Through participation in several oil spill operations we have built unique skills in terms of developing effective beach cleaning equipment.

Some of the equipment in question are:

  • ​Booms for protection of non polluted and cleaned areas
  • Beach sealing booms
  • Flexible tanks for oil storage
  • Absorbents and absorbent booms
  • Personal protective equipment
  • All types of tools for recovery of stranded oil
Havnelense fra Norlense
container med saneringsutstyr fra Norlense

Flexible tanks

  • Storage of recovered oil and polluted debris
  • 3 different sizes: 1000 litre, 2000 litre and 3000 litre
  • Delivered with lifting straps for easy handling.

Beach booms

  • Two waterfilled chambers and one chamber filled with air
  • Efficient sealings 
  • Follows tides effectively
  • Protects cleaned areas from pollution

Preparedness container

Based on our vast experience in oil spill preparedness, NorLense has developed a preparedness container solution with protective material adapted to IUA needs. The NorLense container solution contributes to increased control of the protective equipment that the emergency forces have. The equipment is easily accessible and can be quickly transported to the desired location. 

Based on the IUA’s specific risk analysis, we at NorLense prepare proposals for the contents of the container, together with our customer. We also offer regular reviews of the emergency equipment so that the quality is maintained and secured over time.