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Coastal Systems

The original single point inflated oil boom with automatic inflation for coastal use, NO-450-S and NO-600-S.

Deployed directly from the winder by one person, ensures maximum safety for the operators. Automatic inflation and self filling gives maximum speed during deployment. 400 m will be deployed in 5 minutes. This makes the concept suitable for all installations where rapid deployment is essential, e.g. tank terminals and refineries.

Direct deployment from the winder with no need for deck space offers a wide variety in types of ships suitable for this type of installation.

No stiff longitudinal elements ensures that the boom effectively handles choppy waves.

Bilde fra testing av kystlense
Total height
450 mm
650 mm
1100 mm
7,1 kg/m
600 mm
800 mm
1400 mm
8,0 kg/m