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Offshore systems

NorLense offshore booms are made to meet rough weather conditions on open sea. Our oil booms are preferred by leading players within the offshore preparedness’ market and constitutes as a part of the NOFO standard on Norwegian shelf.
Rapid mobilization and recovery with minimum personnel required, allows you to operate under conditions that can change in minutes.

One person can depoly 400m of the worlds largest offshore oilboom within 20 minutes. The original self inflatable oil containment boom with automatic inflation, ensure safe working conditions for your personnel.

The construction of the boom with no longitudinal stiff elements give extreme wave conformity and the best results possible when it comes to stopping and holding spilled oil.

Documentation from the NOFO Oil-On-Water tests from previous years show that over 90% of the spilled oil was recovered.

Total height
800 mm
1000 mm
1800 mm
17,0 kg/m
1000 mm
1200 mm
2000 mm
20,0 kg/m
1200 mm
1500 mm
2870 mm
24,0 kg/m
1370 mm
1500 mm
2870 mm
27,0 kg/m