Oil spill recovery accessories

Air Compressor

Purpose: Inflation and back-up air for NorLense booms.

NorLense/DYNASET hydraulic compressors are compact and integrated all-in-one units, especially designed for mobile installation. The only power source is a hydraulic system to provide compressor with required hydraulic fluid flow at demanded pressure. Air compressors are installed in frame with lifting lugs and pockets for forklift

Compressor type: Dynaset HKL 4100/8-113
Type: Lamella compressor
Dimensions: Length: 870mm, With: 495mm, Height: 770mm
Weight: 185kg
Capasity: 4100 m3/min
b 6-8 bars
Hydraulic flow requirements: 113 l/min
Hydraulic pressure requirements: 210 bars

Compressor from Norlense
Power pack from Norlense


NorLense delivers a wide range of hydraulic power units tailor made for customer requirements.
NorLense Power packs serves as a multipurpose unit designed for the flexible operation of a wide range of hydraulic operated oil spill clean-up equipment.
NorLense can deliver from 35kW and up to 110 kW.

  • Diesel HPU 35 kw, 180 bar/100 lpm
  • Complete with panel doors and paint
  • Diesel engine, Hatz 3M41L BO1, 3-cyl. Air cooled
  • 35 kww/2300 rpm. Max 38 kw
  • 35 Liter diesel tank
  • Complete with starter and panel
  • Variable pump/LS 45ccm
  • PVG 32, 3 Section, on/off 12V with compensator
  • Filter, return and pressure
  • Cooler with by-pass
  • Hydraulic tank 150L with Level and Temp control
  • 1 piece Tema outlet valve

Doppler Log System 4900

Purpose: Provides the oil boom speed through water.

The system is designed for all oil booms to be operated at the optimal speed.
This ensurescorrect build-up of oil in the boom, and efficient and secure collection of oil.

  • Acoustic Doppler measurement for speed through water
  • Software to display and store data
  • Wireless data communication
  • Rugged construction
  • Easily installed
  • Battery powered for 7 days continuous operation
Doppler Log System from Norlense