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Norlense – a norwegian supplier of quality!

NorLense’s overarching strategy is to be the leading supplier of quality products in the sectors in which the company operates. Over time, high quality will be the best choice for customers looking for predictability at the right price. We have a quality assurance system which ensures high quality in all areas and regulates the following:

Use of raw materials

NorLense uses high-quality raw materials from the best and most highly
regarded suppliers. Prior to selection, all raw materials undergo the company’s
own quality assurance process, including physical tests.

Qualified personnel

The company’s employees undergo rigorous training on NorLense’s quality
philosophy, product characteristics and the use of our machinery. Our satisfied
and proud employees document and ensure high quality for every delivery.

Production process

High-frequency welding machines are used wherever possible in production.
This is because this type of production results in predictable high-quality work.
Our advanced machinery is supplied and maintained by a number of highly
regarded suppliers. We also use a weld width on fabric that provides 100%
product quality in accordance with the company’s quality assurance

Product testing

All air components are thoroughly tested before and during production in
accordance with our quality assurance procedures. This ensures high product
quality and non-conformity detection. All non-conformities are handled in
accordance with our quality assurance system.

Factory Acceptance Test

Our products are tested following production under our quality assurance
procedures. The tests are performed using advanced test facilities in a harsh
arctic climate. Fiskebøl was chosen by the Norwegian authorities as the site for
a national test centre for testing oil spill response equipment, amongst other

Product warranty

NorLense’s quality assurance procedures mean we are confident in our
production. We want our customers to benefit from this through our 24-month
product warranty. Warranty periods can also be extended through specified
service agreements.

We welcome customers and partners to norlense and fiskebøl

DNV GL logo

NorLense’s quality system is
audited annually by DNV-GL in
accordance with:

ISO 9001
ISO 14001


NorLense’s production
processes comply with the
following standard:

(Allied Quality Assurance Publications)

NorLense is registered with the
following quality register:

Achilles JQS
(NORSOK S-WA-006N:2018)

Here at NorLense, our customers are welcome to perform quality audits and production inspections on product orders. Invitations are coordinated through your contact person or directly via our quality coordinator.

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NorLense - A Norwegian supplier of quality!

NorLense’s overarching strategy is to be the leading supplier of quality products in the sectors in which the company operates. Read more…